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Bringing finance and sustainability to commercial properties across the United States


A new solution in the CRE market

Green Preferred is an assessment-based investment structured as a non-priming, cumulative, non-participating, non-convertible, redeemable form of preferred equity:

  • Eliminates priming problems of standard CPACE

  • Increases the total equity in the cap stack (e.g. 45% total equity - comprised of 20% common, 25% preferred)

  • Provides new senior lender controls and engineer-verified ESG data.

Tenors up to

30 Years

Low Fixed-Rate Financing


No Owner Guarantees

100% Funded at Closing



Historically, lenders underwrote standard CPACE as priming debt because its payments are normally maintained along with other property taxes during a workout. Conversely, payments to Green Preferred can be halted in case of cash shortfalls, like other forms of preferred equity. In addition, Green Preferred investment remains available to the project even in a technical debt default.

"We continue to support the CPACE market, but with Green Preferred we offer an additional product that aligns us with senior lenders and investors to better achieve portfolio and capital markets objectives. We are also delivering much needed capital for owners in today's tightening credit market"

            - Joseph Lau, President of LordCap Green



A smarter way to build efficiently and save money

PACE financings are public-private partnerships designed to make environmentally friendly commercial property investments affordable, accessible, and near risk-free.

Whether you're building from the ground up or upgrading an existing structure, this allows you to safely invest in efficiency and sustainability, increasing your property value while saving you money!


Finance your commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings' energy efficiency with low-cost investments and expert guidance.

Unlike typical loans, PACE investments are repaid through a fixed-rate tax assessment. The repayment obligation can be pre-paid or transferred automatically to the next owner if the property is sold.

This spreads the cost of clean energy improvements, enabling you to overcome the initial costs of investing in clean energy and start saving right away.

And thanks to LordCap Green's expertise and resources, we're there with you every step of the way, walking you through each stage and making it easier than ever to get started.

Get rewarded for your efficiency and save money with LordCap Green!

Significant Capital

Up to 25% of the capital stack is eligible, even covering soft costs like energy audits and engineering.

Clear and Stable

Investments are fixed-rate and long-term, typically for 25 years, making them predictable and easy to model.

Save Cash Instantly

The money you save from going green typically exceeds the annual payments, meaning you save money right away.

Increased Property Value

Improving cash flows and creating more efficient buildings increases the value of your property.

Prepayable or Transferable

Should you decide to sell the property, you can choose to prepay or automatically transfer the assessment.

Mortgage Friendly

PACE financing is unsecured and does not legally qualify as debt, enhancing the senior lenders' positions.

Preserves Incentives

Take advantage of tax incentives in your area. As the property owner, they're yours to keep!


Credit experience and investment expertise backed by data and applied with the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards.

We've seen what is possible when companies invest in sustainability. We want to use that knowledge to make efficiency affordable and accessible by partnering with property owners, local governments, and committed mortgage and construction lenders all across the country. Our aim is to help usher in a green new era by eliminating financial barriers and rewarding commercial property owners. Formed out of our sister company, Lord Capital, we bring decades of financial expertise and know-how to the national stage, providing sophisticated investment structures and credit experience to each transaction. We're excited to help build a cleaner world, and we want you to be a part of that too.

Join us in investing in a sustainable future!


Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.

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