Whether it's new construction or retrofitting, we're here to make your upgrades easy.


Save money while saving the planet

Investing in the environment shouldn't break the bank. That's why we're here with you on all of your green improvements, from solar panels to thermostats. Even other costs like supporting structures and staff training are covered.

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Thinking about producing your own energy but focused on the costs? Whether it's solar, wind, hydro, or even energy storage, LordCap Green is there.

Reduce or eliminate your electricity bills

Protect against rising energy costs

Increase your property value



Lighting a commercial building can add a huge lump to your electricity bill every month. If you're looking for a simple way to go green, LED systems, automatic controls, and motion sensors are all great ways to save.

LED's long lifespan means less replacing

Greatly improved energy efficiency

Easy to install with many flexible solutions



Looking to improve your water conservation? Maybe you've been thinking about installing a more efficient water heater, pump, or filtration system. If so, you're eligible for up to 100% financing through LordCap Green!

Lower the need for costly processing facilities

Protect our drinkable water resources

Reduce your monthly bills


A great way to improve your building's efficiency is to upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Add to that automatic systems such as smart thermostats to turbocharge those savings!

Better efficiency means longer lifespans

Improve the comfort of your building

Cut out wasteful spending on unnecessary heating



Up your efficiency with double-glazed windows. Give your tenants a place to relax by installing a rooftop garden. Deploy efficient building management systems. There are so many green ways to upgrade and save!

Boost your tenants' and employees' happiness

Plants and soil help decrease noise pollution

Great for the environment and your wallet



We know there are plenty of other costs that go into upgrading your property. Staff training, engineering, even support structures such as new roofs for solar panels all add up. We're here to cover and simplify all of it.

Fully finance even the supporting costs

Get peace of mind as our experts guide you

Maximize your savings with staff training



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